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Illinois drivers have obligations to child safety

The return of regular school days changes traffic conditions for DuPage County drivers. The roads are more congested at certain times of day as parent-driven vehicles and school buses, not seen since spring, make their rounds to pick up and drop off students. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic also increase near and in school zones.

Negligence on the road may only take seconds

A new study suggests that drivers in Illinois and across the U.S. could increase the risk of causing an accident by looking away from the road for just two seconds. The report suggests that such a brief diversion can negatively impact performance and compromise roadway safety.

Survey reports teen distraction is a major factor while driving

According to survey data compiled by a transportation engineering faculty member at Oregon State University, responsible motorists in Illinois and other parts of the country may face a heightened risk from teenage drivers. More than a quarter of teens surveyed reported engaging in dangerous behaviors like changing apparel while driving. Although the researchers lauded an overall reduction in the fraction of teenagers who composed or read text messages while driving, an approximate 40 percent of teen motorists continued to text.

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