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No mention of Illinois officer DUI at council meeting

A member of the North Chicago Police Department was charged with reckless homicide and aggravated DUI in Chicago after an accident that killed two college students. The officer was placed on administrative leave as soon as the North Chicago department was notified that he was in custody of the Chicago police. However, nothing was said about this motor vehicle accident at the most recent City Council meeting. The main topics on the agenda were the high school winning basketball team, discussion of purchasing police cars and honoring a police dog.This North Chicago Police Dept. has had many difficulties over the past few years with wrongful death lawsuits and allegations of misconduct by police officers. There have also been allegations of racism and use of unreasonable force in arrests. These problems may have been what caused people attending this meeting to speak up about the incident during the public forum and wonder about the possible liability of the city.

NHTSA working on new regulations, including bus seat belts

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced plans to finalize several key safety regulations in 2013. One that is garnering widespread attention is a requirement that all new commercial buses be fitted with seat belts.

Black boxes may bring new wealth of accident evidence

When one hears the term "black box," thoughts of planes and crash investigations usually first arise. The small but near-indestructible boxes have aided investigators for decades in the work of reconstructing events both in and out of the cockpit that attributed to aviation accidents.

Prepare for winter road conditions to minimize the risk of accidents

Winter driving season is upon us, which means it's time for an uptick in motor vehicle accidents caused by poor visibility and slick, icy roads. Driving in Midwest winters can be scary and hazardous, especially when compounded with heavy holiday traffic.

Young drivers more likely to drive while drowsy, study says

Last week we discussed a tragic Illinois case that illustrated some of the issues surrounding dangerous teen drivers. Teenagers tend to overestimate their driving abilities and underestimate some of the road's risks, which can lead to serious car accidents.

Speeding, seat belts focus of Illinois traffic enforcement initiative

Illinois State Police will be conducting special Traffic Enforcement Patrols, also known as the sTEP program. The sTEP project, funded by the Traffic Safety division of the Illinois Department of Transportation, focuses on several driving behaviors that are known to increase the risk of car crashes.

New DOT plan includes more protection for Chicago's pedestrians

A city's pedestrians are its most vulnerable road users, often rendered defenseless in the path of negligent motorists. Decisions that affect transportation and safety are typically made with motorists in mind, sometimes leading to infrastructure and policy that shortchange pedestrians.

Bicyclists Utilize Technology to Keep Bad Tempers at Bay

When it comes to agreeing on the "rules of the road," an undeniable rift has existed between motorists and cyclists for decades. While cyclists accuse cars of hogging the road, motorists charge that bike riders disregard roadway etiquette and exempt themselves from traffic laws. However, a new trend in technology may help curb the number of motor vehicle accidents involving cyclists and turn down the heat on this contentious debate.

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