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The incredible danger in parking lots and garages

When you get behind the wheel, where do you feel safest, on the freeway or in a parking lot? While highway speeds make many drivers nervous, they never think twice about driving through the lot at the grocery store. It seems like they'd never get into an accident in such a controlled setting. They're safe.

Is rushing taking lives?

In modern American culture, we often feel like we have to rush constantly. We rush in school to get a paper done on time. We rush at work to meet a deadline for a project. We rush through the store because we need to get home to our families.

Could a contract help a parent give up their car keys later?

One of the most difficult things that people with aging family members often have to do is try to convince them that they should no longer drive. In a survey by the National Security Council (NSC) and, respondents indicated that talking to parents about turning over the car keys was even more difficult than discussing funeral arrangements.

Obtaining damages after a wrongful death lawsuit

When a person passes away as a result of another person's negligent or reckless actions, the event can be hard to come to terms with, and it can feel impossible to forgive. The financial damages associated with the death of a loved one can be debilitating, and this is why it is possible for loved ones to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

What happens to the human body during car accidents?

Car accidents are some of the most unpredictable events a person may experience. Some victims walk away with barely a scratch while others suffer catastrophic injuries or even death. Regardless of the amount of damage to the vehicles in such accidents, it is nearly impossible to predict whether someone will suffer an injury.

Fatal crash in Schaumburg caused by driver believed to be high

A fatal crash recently in Schaumburg was reportedly caused by a high driver. The accident, which happened this month and involved three vehicles, took the life of a 41-year-old man. In a statement, the Schaumburg Police announced the arrest of a 25-year-old man in connection with the crash.

Keeping record of medical expenses after a crash

Being involved in a car accident is never easy to handle. Even if it is a minor accident, you need to still exchange information with the other people involved, file a police report and still seek medical evaluation just to be safe. Should you be involved in an accident that causes an injury, you need to keep record of all your medical expenses.

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