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Don't rule out third-party claims if your spouse died on the job

Sadly, work-related deaths occur much too often in the U.S., affecting residents of Illinois and other states. Workers' compensation exists to help those injured while working and can provide survivor benefits to family members after a death. In families that relied on the deceased worker for financial support, the benefits provided by worker's comp may not be enough to provide for surviving family members.

4 common construction site death causes

Workplace accidents are all too common in DuPage County. These accidents can range from minor with just a few cuts and bruises to severe with lengthy time missed at work and rehabilitation for broken bones. The most tragic of workplace accidents end in death. Construction sites are incredibly dangerous, even with strict safety policies in place. Here are four common construction site death causes.

Scaffolding safety tips to prevent workplace deaths

The construction industries is one of the most dangerous in which to work in DuPage County, Illinois. Even if you are as safe as possible, you never know when a tool might not work properly or a piece of equipment might fail, causing an injury. That's why it's important to do everything possible to prevent scaffolding accidents that could lead to workplace deaths.

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