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Crash simulation sheds light on Illinois school bus safety

We recently discussed a proposed new regulation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that would require seat belts on all new commercial buses. Bus crashes have grabbed headlines in recent years, Between1999 and 2008, 186 people died in bus accidents.

1 in 24 motorists have driven drowsy, report shows

When one thinks of traffic safety hazards, impaired driving, speeding and distracted driving tend to come to mind. Drowsy driving is often overlooked but that doesn't make it less dangerous. Research shows that missing four hours of sleep can impair driving as much as a six-pack of beer.

New Illinois laws address distracted driving, speeding

On the first day of the new year about 150 new laws went into effect in Illinois. They cover issues ranging from taxes for strip clubs to criminal penalties and restrictions for sex offenders. Several new laws focus on road safety and may help prevent serious motor vehicle accidents in 2013.

Illinois court allows UIM coverage for non-covered vehicle

Illinois state law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance in the event of an accident resulting in injury or property damage. In the event of a motor vehicle accident, this should protect all parties financially. A new Illinois court decision could help victims in motor vehicle accidents recover compensation for injuries.

Teen driver blindsides pedestrian, gets a license three days later

Last year a group of Illinois teenagers had their lives changed forever. They had waked to get an ice cream cone and were walking home along the side of the road when a red truck sped by, hitting the last girl in line and kept going.

Overlap Accidents Are Hazardous, According to New Crash Test

Modern cars are designed to provide maximum crash protection for passengers. However, even the safest car to-date has room to improve upon its safety performance in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

Modern Cars are Safe for Drivers but Not for Rescue Operators

Modern cars have features that help ensure drivers' safety. However, those features make rescue operations more dangerous. The new steel in modern cars is hard to cut and the high-voltage cables in hybrid cars are difficult to disconnect. Today, users demand light-weight cars, better fuel efficiency, and reliable safety features.

Car Manufacturer Testing Vehicle that Measures Driver Stress

Behaviors such as using a cellphone while driving or driving while intoxicated are notoriously unsafe. But did you know that driving under stress can also put you at risk on the road? Studies show that stressed or anxious drivers fare much worse when it comes to being able to focus their attention on the task of driving.

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