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Fatal Illinois crash may have been caused by drunk driving

It takes cautious and attentive drivers to keep Illinois' roads safe for those on and around them. This is why Illinois state law regulates excessive speed, the use of distracting devices such as cellphones and other hazards to road safety.

Illinois driver arrested for DUI and cellphone use

Cars and trucks are an indelible part of life in Illinois. The Land of Lincoln and other Midwestern states offer several mass transit options, but nothing beats the usefulness and independence of one's own vehicle on the many roads and highways of the widespread state.

Illinois man charged with DUI after fatal collision

From the streets of Chicago to the rolling hills near Carbondale, driving is the most popular way to travel through and around Illinois. Although the roads of the Land of Lincoln are generally safe, there are too many hazards to entirely avoid collisions and other accidents.

Drunk driver gets ten-year sentence after accident

Roads can be dangerous in any situation, based solely on the number of vehicles moving around each other at high speeds. Car and truck drivers have to maintain constant vigilance while on the roads, avoiding distractions such as cellphones or negligence such as driving while sleepy.

Drunk driving law reduces Illinois traffic fatalities

We accept many dangers when we take to the road by car or on foot. Inattentive drivers can miss vital details like a traffic light or turn signal, and negligence with a motor vehicle can cause severe property damage, injuries and sometimes fatalities.

1 percent of traffic deaths are linked to wrong-way accidents

Being involved in a wrong-way accident is terrifying. You never expect it, it happens incredibly quickly, and there may be nothing you can do to avoid the crash. Every time a wrong-way crash is reported in the news, people worry that it could happen to them.

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