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Work-Related Deaths Archives

How you may feel after losing a loved one in a work accident

Workplace accidents, unfortunately, take thousands of lives every year. Some of these lives are lost in high-risk occupations, like construction. Others are lost in "safe" occupations where that type of accident was never expected. No matter how it happens, though, it's very jarring and shocking to the family members who are left behind. While we all may understand that death does happen and there are risks, there is no real way to fully prepare for that change in advance.

FedEx driver's death believed to be linked to the brutal cold

Frigid temperatures throughout the Midwest and other parts of the country have resulted in multiple deaths. One fatality believed to be the result of the record-breaking subzero temperatures is that of a Federal Express Freight driver in East Moline.

Family of Illinois man killed in elevator shaft settles lawsuits

The family of a Bloomington maintenance worker who was killed in an elevator shaft back in 2015 has reached a settlement with McLean County and two companies for over $2.1 million. The 56-year-old man was employed by the county.

What can and should employers do to prevent workplace violence?

According to the National Safety Council's Injury Facts 2016 report, workplace violence was the third most common cause of death for people who work in health care professions. However, workplace violence can impact virtually anyone in any profession.

Don't rule out third-party claims if your spouse died on the job

Sadly, work-related deaths occur much too often in the U.S., affecting residents of Illinois and other states. Workers' compensation exists to help those injured while working and can provide survivor benefits to family members after a death. In families that relied on the deceased worker for financial support, the benefits provided by worker's comp may not be enough to provide for surviving family members.

4 common construction site death causes

Workplace accidents are all too common in DuPage County. These accidents can range from minor with just a few cuts and bruises to severe with lengthy time missed at work and rehabilitation for broken bones. The most tragic of workplace accidents end in death. Construction sites are incredibly dangerous, even with strict safety policies in place. Here are four common construction site death causes.

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