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Trucks use driver cameras to catch fatigue

If you ask any expert about the main risks facing truck drivers, they'll tell you that driver fatigue is a real issue. Drivers get tired on the job, just like any other workers, but if they have slow response times or fall asleep at the wheel, other motorists can suffer serious injuries. Many truck accidents are fatal. It's a huge issue, and there are regulations about hours and time off that drivers have to follow in hopes that they'll get enough sleep.

Deadly Effingham crash results in charges against truck driver

Interstates and other highways cross Illinois from the Mississippi River to the the border with Indiana. As a result, thousands of tractor-trailers and other heavy vehicles are on our roads at any given time. Although truck driving takes a lot of training and experience, no one is infallible, and accidents involving trucks have the potential to be very destructive.

Fatal big rig crashes, miles driven are down

Those of us who use Illinois' interstates and expressways to commute to work or get to other destinations see our fair share of tractor-trailers. We know how difficult to control they can be for even experienced drivers. We've also heard the reports of drivers falling asleep at the wheel after many hours on the road. Therefore, we try to give them some extra space.

Why are trucks the most dangerous vehicles on the road?

Have you ever really thought about the dangers large trucks present to other vehicles on the roads of Illinois? Large trucks are important for the economy, but they are also incredibly dangerous for a lot of reasons. Today, we will take a look at why trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the roads, so you can protect yourself when near them.

Illinois man killed by truck while changing flat tire

This time of year, it's not unusual for cars to become disabled on the snowy highways of Illinois and points north. Motorists need to get their car off of the road before attending to it. Even then, it's essential to watch for oncoming traffic because drivers may not see you in time to stop -- particularly if they're traveling at highway speeds.

Has trucking safety improved in recent years?

Just about every media source you look at publishes news about truck accidents on a regular basis. This paints a dark picture of a dangerous world in which hulking trucks take on the role of a villain. In real life, tractor-trailers are just machines operated by imperfect human beings. In the right hands, a truck does only what it is supposed to do, but in the wrong hands, it can become a dangerous object hurtling along the roadway.

The dangers of truck driver fatigue

Truck driver fatigue is a serious problem that plagues the trucking industry. Companies are encouraging their drivers to drive through their breaks in an effort to ensure faster delivery to their customers. This can lead to some very tragic accidents on the roads of DuPage County, Illinois. Here is a brief look at the dangers of truck driver fatigue.

What funeral expenses are caused by fatal truck accidents?

The cost of a funeral is in the thousands of dollars these days and prices for various services don't seem to be going down anytime soon. Whether you lose a loved one to natural causes or due to being involved in a fatal truck accident, you will incur thousands of dollars in funeral expenses. So, what are the expenses associated with funerals in DuPage County, Illinois?

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