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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Hungover driving is a risk no one talks about

People do spend a lot of time talking about the risks of drunk driving. Adults try to educate younger drivers. Police officers and driving instructors try to educate the population as a whole. Collectively, we know that drunk driving causes serious accidents.

Remember: Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest drinking night

Thanksgiving is coming, and with it comes football, family, turkey and a relaxing day as we move into the Christmas holiday season. However, it's important to remember that Thanksgiving Eve precedes it, and this is the single biggest drinking holiday in the United States.

Drunk drivers can't help but cause accidents

How many times have you seen someone leave the bar or a party, insisting that they'll drive safely even when friends are worried that they're too intoxicated to get behind the wheel? It happens. Drunk people often claim that they're fine and that they can drive without injuring anyone.

Breaking down the true danger of drunk driving

Turn on the news on any given night, and you can find plenty of stories about drunk driving arrests and/or tragic car accidents. It feels like everyone is in serious danger, despite the illegality of drunk driving. How can people take these types of risks?

Should you report a drunk driver?

You're at a family gathering, enjoying a few drinks, when your uncle says he's going to get in the car and drive home. Or, maybe you're driving down the interstate when you see a driver swerving all over the road, slowing down for no reason, and generally driving like they're impaired.

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