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Any vehicle type can crash on ice

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that certain vehicles are immune to the dangers of winter driving. For instance, maybe they have an all-wheel-drive station wagon or a four-wheel-drive pickup truck. They feel like the weather doesn't matter to them in the same way that it does to a two-wheel-drive sedan.

That's a myth. On ice, any vehicle type can crash. Winter driving is dangerous for everyone. Ice makes it impossible to control a vehicle in many instances, no matter what type of vehicle it is. Never assume you don't need to slow down and drive carefully just because of the type of vehicle you're driving.

After all, many things that make vehicles "better" in the winter actually have nothing to do with ice. For instance, a pickup truck can often perform better in the snow than a sedan, but it's because of ground clearance. The pickup truck is higher, so it does not get stuck as easily when snow piles up and hits the undercarriage. It also has a more powerful engine, so it can drive out of snow that would be too much for a smaller car.

Ice, however, does not care how high the vehicle is. A more powerful engine can actually be a detriment when it leads to faster driving or faster acceleration.

One of the problems you face during the winter in Illinois is that you cannot control what other drivers do. As safe as you are, you'll always have drivers around you who make mistakes. If you get injured in an accident with one of them, you may need to seek compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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