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How far is a fatal fall?

Have you ever wondered how far you can fall and survive? If you're into extreme hobbies like rock climbing or mountaineering, it has probably crossed your mind. The same may be true if you work on rooftops or climb ladders in the course of your employment. Falls are a constant threat.

According to medical experts, one key distance is 20 feet. When you fall that far, you're probably not going to walk it off. You're almost always going to need medical care at the emergency room.

The next distance of note is 48 feet, or the same height as a four-story building. That's the "median lethal distance for falls." Half of the people who fall that far survive -- though often with serious injuries -- and the other half pass away.

After that, the next point to consider is seven stories. That's when there is a 90% chance that the fall will be fatal. Almost no one survives that far of a drop.

Of course, it is important to note that any fall can be deadly. It all depends on how you land and what injuries you create. Falling five feet and landing on your feet is far different than falling backward from five feet and landing on your head and neck. Any fall can cause serious injuries or death.

If you lose a loved one on the job, you could find yourself facing medical bills, funeral costs, lost income and many other challenges in the coming months. Make sure that you are well aware of the legal options that you have.

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