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More than 4 people die per hour in car accidents

There are a lot of ways to look at car accident statistics. Perhaps the most common is simply to look at annual deaths. The problem is that this can make it hard to comprehend what the risks really look like.

To begin with, there are often around 40,000 fatalities per year. The totals fell for many decades but saw a surge upward in recent years, perhaps due to more road traffic, distracted driving and other such factors.

While 40,000 does sound like a lot, thinking about the total deaths per year can feel overwhelming. What does that really mean for you on a shorter basis? If you divide those 40,000 deaths by 365 days in the year and 24 hours in each day, what you find is that over four people pass away per hour.

Does that make it a bit easier to consider? Check the clock for the next 60 minutes. When that hand gets all the way around again, you know that at least four people lost their lives.

Now, this is an average. Deaths are not spread out so cleanly. The proportion of deadly crashes rises at night, for instance. One multi-car accident may take eight lives in a matter of seconds. Even if no one else dies for the next two hours, it's still roughly on pace.

So, while this is not a perfect system, it is a new way to consider accidents and fatality risks. If you get hit by another driver and you lose a loved one or suffer serious injuries, you need to know what legal steps you can take.

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