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Do not look away from hazards on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle may be the closest thing that the average person can get to flying a fighter jet. That's why it's so important to consider a piece of advice that one experienced pilot gave. He said that what set the experienced pilots apart from the new pilots is that those with less time in the cockpit tended to "look away at the wrong time."

His point was that they made simple errors that put them in danger. This caused them to lose in mock air battles.

Motorcyclists can make the same mistake. They need to keep their eyes on potential hazards at all times. They need to make sure they never look away and put themselves in grave danger.

For instance, say a car is coming toward you on a two-lane road. It is in the proper lane, and so are you. You look over at your riding partner. As you do, the car drifts into your lane. Your partner sees it and takes evasive action, but you don't. By the time you look back at the road, there is no way to avoid the crash.

Is that accident your fault? Certainly not. You assumed the other driver would stay in their lane, as they should. But you can see how looking away at the wrong time can still put you in more danger than if you had kept your eyes on that car until it went by.

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, you may need to find out how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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