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Dealing with driving anxiety after a crash

Young drivers often struggle with driving anxiety just because they lack experience and confidence behind the wheel.

For most of us, this fades with time. Driving tends to become a bit mundane and even boring. That's part of the reason that people get distracted while driving.

However, if you get into a car accident, your driving anxiety can come back with a vengeance. You may:

  • Feel like you can never drive again.
  • Become very nervous about driving in the area where the crash happened
  • Always feel like you are mere seconds from another accident
  • Worry about your loved ones whenever they are on the road
  • Overreact to simple issues on the highway that remind you of the crash -- screaming and slamming on the brakes when someone cuts you off, for instance

The biggest issue, for many people, is when the accident makes it impossible to drive. What if you drove for a living before the accident? Does that accident now mean that you have to change your career? Even if you did not drive for a living, does your anxiety mean you cannot use your car for that daily commute to your office job?

Mental issues like this are real. In the wake of a crash, it is very important to carefully consider all of the ways the accident impacted your life. You may need to seek help from a psychologist or other mental health professional even if you may not need extensive medical treatment for your injuries. An experienced attorney can help you understand the rights you may have to compensation.

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