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Why do motorcyclists really wear leather?

Is leather just a part of the culture that motorcycle riders embrace? Do they all seem to wear black leather jackets and pants because they want to fit in or because it's a common style choice?

Not really. Yes, it is an important part of motorcycle style, but it's not just about how they look on the bike. They wear leather because it keeps them safe.

Leather is tough and durable. Many motorcycle accidents involve the rider being thrown from the bike and then sliding on the pavement. Cotton clothes would get shredded in seconds. Exposed skin could get turned into a severely painful road rash. Even tough materials like denim are not as tough as leather, and the smoothness of leather makes it more likely to slide, rather than snagging and injuring the rider.

Now, leather cannot prevent all injuries. Impact injuries from a car may be just as drastic in any outfit. Leather does add a little padding, but not much. Most of the focus is on preventing injury in a slide, which can happen after that impact or as the rider intentionally lays the bike down to avoid a crash. In this way, by wearing leather and feeling safe, riders may be able to keep from crashing into a car at all -- thereby saving their lives.

Naturally, you can wear the best leather jacket on the market, along with the best motorcycle helmet, and you can still suffer serious injuries in an accident caused by a driver in a car or a truck. If you do, you may be able to seek financial compensation for your medical bills.

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