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Trucks use driver cameras to catch fatigue

If you ask any expert about the main risks facing truck drivers, they'll tell you that driver fatigue is a real issue. Drivers get tired on the job, just like any other workers, but if they have slow response times or fall asleep at the wheel, other motorists can suffer serious injuries. Many truck accidents are fatal. It's a huge issue, and there are regulations about hours and time off that drivers have to follow in hopes that they'll get enough sleep.

That's not always enough. There is no way to regulate actual hours of sleep, after all, and some drivers may even falsify logs to skirt the rules.

To help combat the issue, some companies use cameras. Like a dash camera, it mounts inside the cab. While a standard dash camera points out, though, these cameras point in at the driver's face. They use "visual intelligence platforms" to determine if the driver is exhausted, fatigued or actively falling asleep.

For example, the camera may monitor the driver's eyelids. While blinks are normal, if the driver's eyes stay shut for a fraction of a second too long, perhaps indicating that he or she is falling asleep, the camera triggers an alarm. This can wake a driver up in the moment and help companies determine if their drivers are at high risk for fatigued driving.

These systems can absolutely help, as can many other safety features, but driver fatigue remains an issue and always will. If you get injured in an accident caused by a tired driver, you may deserve compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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