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Intersections cause a stunning amount of accidents

You cross through numerous intersections every single day on your commute. But have you ever really thought about just how dangerous they are?

The reality may be somewhat sobering. Reports have gone so far as to say that, when looking at accidents resulting in fatalities or injuries, a full 80% of them take place at intersections. This applies when driving in urban areas.

Why are they so dangerous? One reason is simply that an intersection is where cars have to cross paths. Even when you do it safely and properly, you still drive right in front of other vehicles. All it takes is one mistake for that supposedly safe activity to become deadly.

Another issue is the risk of a T-bone accident, which is when another car slams into the side door of your vehicle. The occupants are in incredible danger because they do not have the bulk of the car and the crumple zones to protect them. A vehicle that hits the driver's side door is essentially hitting the driver.

On top of that, many people travel around 50 miles per hour on certain city streets. This speed increases when they're trying to run a yellow light, one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. When you combine this high speed with the vulnerability noted above, it puts people at serious risk.

Have you gotten injured in an accident at an intersection? If so, you need to know if you have a right to financial compensation for your medical bills, your lost wages and all of the other costs you face.

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