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Teen peer pressure can lead to car accidents

As an adult, you do not often face peer pressure when you drive. Teens, however, are more likely to make poor decisions and even cause accidents because of peer pressure.

The reason that peer pressure works on teens is because they:

  • Want to fit in
  • Want people to like them
  • Want to impress their friends
  • Do not want to get made fun of

For instance, a teen driver may be safe and responsible on their own. They may know that breaking traffic laws is dangerous.

However, what about when they're in a car full of other teens? What if another vehicle pulls up next to them at a stoplight and their friends start encouraging them to race? Street racing is dangerous and illegal, and that teen may never consider it on their own. As their friends or even kids they don't know pressure them, they may do it to try to impress their passengers.

It's sometimes hard to understand as an adult, but part of the reason is that you likely do not have friends encouraging such behavior in the first place. With teen drivers, sometimes all it takes is one person proposing a dangerous idea for it suddenly to become something that they all feel they need to do. When young drivers give in to that pressure, they make poor decisions and cause accidents that they regret dearly after the fact.

If you are injured in an accident caused by another driver, make sure you know what your rights are to seek financial compensation for your medical bills and other expenses and damages.

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