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Stress impairs decision-making and leads to more risks

A driver runs a stop sign and hits your car. Both vehicles come to a halt; with your head ringing, you look at the other driver through the cracked windshield. They look at you for a second, throw their car into gear and speed away.

The police catch them a short time later, but you can't help wondering why they decided to commit a hit-and-run. You suffered serious injuries. If they stayed at the scene and called 911, they could have helped you. Instead, they ran from the scene, and you lost crucial minutes until someone else stumbled upon the accident and made the call. Why would they do that to you?

One reason could be that the accident put them under stress. Their gender could play a role, as well. Studies have found that men who have to make decisions under stress tend to take more risks. Often, they ignore potential downsides and only consider how their actions could help them.

In short, that driver had to make a quick decision about whether to own up to the accident or run from the scene. They accepted the risk and hoped they could get away without legal ramifications. It's not the right thing to do, clearly, but they took that risk because of the stress. Perhaps they also had outside stressors to factor in, like whether they were drinking or driving on a suspended license.

This doesn't excuse their actions in any way, but it helps you understand why they made that decision. Make sure you know how to seek financial compensation from them to cover your costs as the victim in the crash.

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