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What to do after a car accident

Getting into a car accident has the potential to be a terrifying experience. One moment you are driving along, minding your own business and suddenly you are in a wreck with another person or object. Every year car accidents cause thousands of dollars in damages, numerous injuries and, unfortunately, many deaths as well. In 2017, 1,097 people lost their lives in Illinois due to car accidents.

How you may feel after losing a loved one in a work accident

Workplace accidents, unfortunately, take thousands of lives every year. Some of these lives are lost in high-risk occupations, like construction. Others are lost in "safe" occupations where that type of accident was never expected. No matter how it happens, though, it's very jarring and shocking to the family members who are left behind. While we all may understand that death does happen and there are risks, there is no real way to fully prepare for that change in advance.

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