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Low motorcyclist numbers make them more dangerous

Even in the summer, you don't have to watch traffic for long to see that motorcycles are far less common than cars, trucks and other passenger vehicles. The reality is that most people do not ride motorcycles.

Unfortunately, this can make the roads more dangerous for those who do. People who don't ride motorcycles get used to looking for other vehicles that are similar to their own. As some have put it, bikes don't register on "their personal radar screens."

This can lead them to ignore motorcycles entirely. It may be unintentional, but they overlook them. The reason that many drivers say "I never saw them" after a crash is simply that they were never looking for them in the first place. They were looking for cars and trucks, and they didn't see the motorcycle until the accident took place.

This often happens, for instance, when a driver wants to turn left. They have to cross a lane of oncoming traffic. To do it, the driver stops with the blinker on and waits for a gap. They closely watch the other passenger cars, spot the gap, and hurry through when it reaches them.

Sometimes, that's not a gap at all. There's a motorcyclist there. It just did not register with the driver, who never saw it.

Have you gotten into an accident with a driver who ignored your bike or overlooked it on the road? You need to know if you have a right to financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses and damages. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance.

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