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Drunk drivers can't help but cause accidents

How many times have you seen someone leave the bar or a party, insisting that they'll drive safely even when friends are worried that they're too intoxicated to get behind the wheel? It happens. Drunk people often claim that they're fine and that they can drive without injuring anyone.

And they really do intend to try. The problem is just that they can't do it because of the way that the alcohol impacts them. For instance:

  • Alcohol leads to poor judgment. That's shown by the fact that they're going to drive at all, but it also leads to all sorts of avoidable mistakes on the road.
  • Alcohol causes slow reaction times. Many drunk drivers get in accidents when they see hazards in their way -- stopped traffic, for instance -- but do not react fast enough to avoid a crash.
  • Alcohol hinders your coordination. Driving a car may feel like second nature, but it's actually a very complex process that a drunk person may not be able to handle.
  • Alcohol can cause vision problems. This is why drunk drivers often do not see stop signs, pedestrians in the crosswalk and other things of this nature.
  • Alcohol can make you drowsy. A driver who is both intoxicated and about to nod off behind the wheel is very dangerous. A driver who has consumed far too many drinks could even black out while driving.

As you can see, drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, no matter how confident the driver feels. If you get injured in an accident with a drunk driver, you need to know your rights to compensation.

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