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What are the dangers of drunk walking?

Many young adults know about the perils of driving while intoxicated, which may be the reason so many choose to walk home instead of getting behind the wheel. Are there hazards that pedestrians face when they choose to walk home while intoxicated past the legal limit?

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association’s pedestrian fatality statistics, 32% of pedestrians were intoxicated at the time of their death. Why is walking while intoxicated dangerous?

BAC rises even after you leave the bar

Individuals who drink in excess may leave the bar thinking they are sober enough to walk home and end up becoming more intoxicated while they are walking. According to OnTrack, it takes between 30 minutes and an hour after you stopped drinking for your blood alcohol content to reach its peak.

This means that you could start your walk home feeling in control, but have reached a blackout stage mid-walk. This is extremely dangerous.

Walking into traffic

Intoxicated individuals who are cognitively impaired may not take the time to look both directions before crossing the road. This can lead to one walking straight into oncoming traffic. Not only is this dangerous for pedestrians, but it is also dangerous for individuals in cars, as they may attempt to swerve out of the way.

Similarly, individuals who have impaired reflexes or who cannot control their body may find that they are falling down on the sidewalk or into the road and unable to get out of the way of traffic in time.

While it is still important to avoid drinking and driving, you may also want to avoid walking home after a night of drinking. Calling an uber, lyft or even a sober friend can save a life.

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