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Motorcyclist dies when semi turns left

For motorcyclists, the left-turn accident is fairly infamous. It's perhaps the most dangerous situation a rider can face on the road.

It generally happens when a vehicle makes a left-hand turn across the oncoming traffic lanes, after waiting in the proper lane for the oncoming traffic to clear. The driver may not see the motorcycle at all. When they turn left, they cut it off, and the rider can't avoid an accident.

That appears to be almost exactly what happened in a recent crash in Illinois. A man from Taylor Springs was driving down Route 127 on his Harley-Davidson. A semi-truck, meanwhile, approached the intersection where that road meets Interstate 70. This was right around 1:20 p.m.

The semi then made a left-hand turn through the intersection without yielding properly to the motorcycle. The bike smashed into the truck and the rider was killed. He was 72 years old. Though the crash is still being investigated and reconstructed by the Illinois State Police, reports do note that the semi driver was already given a citation.

Spring is motorcycle season in the Midwest, when people get their bikes back out after the winter. As we move through June, July and August, there are just going to be more bikes on the roads. Unfortunately, that probably means we will see many more accidents just like this one.

If you get injured in one of these crashes, or if a loved one passes away, make sure you know what legal steps to take so that you can seek financial compensation for your costs.

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