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Pedestrians, here are 7 key safety tips

A car accident involving a pedestrian is one of the most serious and dangerous that can occur. Even low speeds are dangerous. When two cars collide at 10 miles per hour, odds are it's little more than a fender-bender. When a car hits a person at 10 miles per hour, they could suffer serious, life-altering injuries.

So, how can pedestrians stay safe? While it is up to drivers to be vigilant about safe driving around them, here are a few tips for pedestrians that may help:

  1. Always face the oncoming traffic if there is no sidewalk and you have to walk on the shoulder.
  2. Wear bright colors so that drivers can see you, especially at night, and consider wearing reflective clothes if possible.
  3. Don't get distracted by your phone, your music, a conversation with a friend, or anything else. Remember the danger and stay alert.
  4. Don't cross where there is no crosswalk. In rare situations where you have to, yield to any cars in the street before crossing.
  5. Use the sidewalks when you can. You may just be a few feet from the road, but you're far safer.
  6. Even on sidewalks, remember that drivers may cross them when entering driveways and parking lots.
  7. Avoid any assumptions when it comes to visibility. If you're not 100 percent sure that a driver spotted you, don't go in front of the car, even if you have the right of way. It's a good practice to attempt to make eye contact with the driver so that you're on the same page.

If you do all of this and you still get hit, you need to know how to seek financial compensation for your medical bills and other costs.

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