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Car accidents make Illinois a dangerous state

You have probably heard people throw around rough statistics about car accidents, such as saying that around 30,000 people die every year. Maybe they've talked about how the general trend is a reduction in accidents, though the last few years have seen an increase.

You live in Illinois, though. You're not as worried about the national statistics as you are with the local ones. Is Illinois one of the safer states, or are you facing some serious risks?

What you'll find is that Illinois is actually fairly dangerous. In 2017, reports show that a total of 1,097 people passed away in motor vehicle accidents within the state. That ranks it No. 8 in the country. The only states ahead of it, in order, are Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

To get some sense of the divide between the top and the bottom, Texas had 3,722 fatalities in 2017. That was No. 1 in the country. At No. 50 was Vermont, with just 69 traffic fatalities for the entire year.

Now, it is worth noting that this report looked at the total number of deaths in each state. That does not take population into account when making the rankings. Naturally, states with more people tend to have higher fatal accident totals just because there are more drivers on the road.

Regardless, these reports do show you that traffic accidents are something you need to take seriously. If you get hurt in a crash, or if you lose a loved one, you must know what rights you have to seek compensation for your costs.

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