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Tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents this spring

Spring is notoriously a dangerous time for motorcycle riders. More people are getting back out on the roads, and many drivers have simply forgotten what it's like to drive around motorcycles. The winter made them complacent. They're not ready for bikes to be out on the roads in such numbers, they forget to keep an eye out for them, and they cause accidents.

What can you do to avoid these crashes? Nothing guarantees you won't get hit by a negligent driver, but these tips can help:

  • Remember that drivers on multilane roads often merge without using their blinkers and without checking their blind spots. If you're riding next to and slightly behind a car, watch out for the first indication that the driver is starting to change lanes. Better yet, don't ride in the blind spot at all.
  • Watch out for drivers who are poised to make a left turn farther ahead on the road. They come from the oncoming lane and cross your lane as they turn. If you see a driver waiting with a blinker on, be wary and remember that they may not see your bike.
  • Keep your eyes on the mirror when you stop at a red light. A lot of accidents happen when the car behind you doesn't stop in time and smashes into the back of your bike.
  • Only ride with people you trust. It's not just drivers who make mistakes. Other riders could also put you at risk.

If you do get injured in an accident this spring, be sure you know exactly how to seek proper financial compensation for your injuries.

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