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March 2019 Archives

Should you report a drunk driver?

You're at a family gathering, enjoying a few drinks, when your uncle says he's going to get in the car and drive home. Or, maybe you're driving down the interstate when you see a driver swerving all over the road, slowing down for no reason, and generally driving like they're impaired.

The incredible danger in parking lots and garages

When you get behind the wheel, where do you feel safest, on the freeway or in a parking lot? While highway speeds make many drivers nervous, they never think twice about driving through the lot at the grocery store. It seems like they'd never get into an accident in such a controlled setting. They're safe.

Tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents this spring

Spring is notoriously a dangerous time for motorcycle riders. More people are getting back out on the roads, and many drivers have simply forgotten what it's like to drive around motorcycles. The winter made them complacent. They're not ready for bikes to be out on the roads in such numbers, they forget to keep an eye out for them, and they cause accidents.

Is rushing taking lives?

In modern American culture, we often feel like we have to rush constantly. We rush in school to get a paper done on time. We rush at work to meet a deadline for a project. We rush through the store because we need to get home to our families.

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