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Why vaping alcohol is more dangerous than drinking it

Many people have discovered a whole new way to consume alcohol -- vaping. They enjoy the fact that they can feel its effects more quickly than if they drank it. Vaping alcohol can get a person intoxicated at a speed they may not be used to.

That's just one reason why vaping alcohol before driving can be even more dangerous than drinking before getting behind the wheel. It's also more difficult for a person to determine just how much alcohol they've consumed. You know if you've had one glass of wine or scotch. However, when you're vaping, you can ingest a dangerous amount without realizing it. Because it doesn't go through your digestive system, you're not going to vomit it out, as is often the case when a person has had too much to drink.

When people vape alcohol, it enters their bloodstream through your lungs. That means that it will quickly increase their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and impair their ability to drive safely.

While vaping alcohol may be fun and different, people should never think that they can drive safely after doing so or that they'll be able to fool a Breathalyzer or any other type of BAC test. In fact, for the reasons noted, vaping alcohol can be extremely dangerous for those who do it and those who may end up sharing the road with them.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, it's important to know that regardless of what criminal penalties that driver may be facing, you have a right to seek compensation for expenses and damages in civil court.

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