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Why are trucks the most dangerous vehicles on the road?

Have you ever really thought about the dangers large trucks present to other vehicles on the roads of Illinois? Large trucks are important for the economy, but they are also incredibly dangerous for a lot of reasons. Today, we will take a look at why trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the roads, so you can protect yourself when near them.

For starters, commercial trucks are so dangerous because of their weight. These trucks weigh multiple tons, which makes it incredibly difficult to stop at a moment's notice. Even when these trucks are empty, they weigh more than one ton, which is a lot of metal to have hit your vehicle.

These trucks have a high probability of tipping over if the driver goes into a turn too fast or into a curve too fast. A truck can also tip over if its load is not properly secured. A large truck that tips can crush a vehicle next to it.

Commercial trucks are also dangerous because of the person sitting behind the wheel. When a truck driver doesn't have a lot of experience, it could lead to a tragic accident.

Some other reasons why trucks are dangerous include their speed, the type of cargo being transported, the way the cargo is loaded, the weather, the road conditions and much more.

Large trucks, such as 18-wheelers, are difficult to drive. Even some of the most experienced truck drivers can wind up in accidents. You need to know how to stay safe around trucks so that you do not wind up being injured in a tragic accident.

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