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January 2019 Archives

Could a contract help a parent give up their car keys later?

One of the most difficult things that people with aging family members often have to do is try to convince them that they should no longer drive. In a survey by the National Security Council (NSC) and, respondents indicated that talking to parents about turning over the car keys was even more difficult than discussing funeral arrangements.

Family of Illinois man killed in elevator shaft settles lawsuits

The family of a Bloomington maintenance worker who was killed in an elevator shaft back in 2015 has reached a settlement with McLean County and two companies for over $2.1 million. The 56-year-old man was employed by the county.

Will harsher distracted driving penalties ease Illinois crashes?

For all those drivers who are still drawn to their phone while driving, the state of Illinois is taking additional provisions to get their attention back on the road. Beginning in the summer of 2019, if a driver is caught using a phone or other similar electronic device while operating a motor vehicle, they will face harsher penalties than what is currently on the books now. With enough violations racked up, drivers will face license suspension.

Fatal big rig crashes, miles driven are down

Those of us who use Illinois' interstates and expressways to commute to work or get to other destinations see our fair share of tractor-trailers. We know how difficult to control they can be for even experienced drivers. We've also heard the reports of drivers falling asleep at the wheel after many hours on the road. Therefore, we try to give them some extra space.

Why are trucks the most dangerous vehicles on the road?

Have you ever really thought about the dangers large trucks present to other vehicles on the roads of Illinois? Large trucks are important for the economy, but they are also incredibly dangerous for a lot of reasons. Today, we will take a look at why trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the roads, so you can protect yourself when near them.

Why vaping alcohol is more dangerous than drinking it

Many people have discovered a whole new way to consume alcohol -- vaping. They enjoy the fact that they can feel its effects more quickly than if they drank it. Vaping alcohol can get a person intoxicated at a speed they may not be used to.

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