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October 2018 Archives

Obtaining damages after a wrongful death lawsuit

When a person passes away as a result of another person's negligent or reckless actions, the event can be hard to come to terms with, and it can feel impossible to forgive. The financial damages associated with the death of a loved one can be debilitating, and this is why it is possible for loved ones to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Keeping your sidewalks clear to avoid premises liability

This winter, perhaps you have a neighborhood holiday party, and a family friend slips and falls on your driveway. Perhaps you order pizza for delivery, and your delivery man falls on your icy sidewalk. Due to their injuries, they now want to sue your insurance company to pay for their medical expenses.

Can anti-lock brakes reduce motorcycle accidents?

The nation is filled with motorcycle enthusiasts, many of whom live in Illinois. While most of these individuals are wary of new mandatory requirements, they do want the freedom to ride safely on the nation's roadways. For the safety-minded biking enthusiast, any technology that can help them avoid involvement in a motorcycle accident is worth the changes their favorite mode of transport may undergo.

Has trucking safety improved in recent years?

Just about every media source you look at publishes news about truck accidents on a regular basis. This paints a dark picture of a dangerous world in which hulking trucks take on the role of a villain. In real life, tractor-trailers are just machines operated by imperfect human beings. In the right hands, a truck does only what it is supposed to do, but in the wrong hands, it can become a dangerous object hurtling along the roadway.

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