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What happens to the human body during car accidents?

Car accidents are some of the most unpredictable events a person may experience. Some victims walk away with barely a scratch while others suffer catastrophic injuries or even death. Regardless of the amount of damage to the vehicles in such accidents, it is nearly impossible to predict whether someone will suffer an injury.

Because it is difficult to say exactly what will happen to a person in a crash, it is unwise to assume that you will be one of the lucky people that walk away uninjured. Instead, it is better to understand how car accidents affect the human body in typical crash scenarios. Understanding the mechanics of a car accident can help you and an injury attorney present the facts of your case to a court in Illinois. In turn, this may improve your chances of acquiring compensation for your injuries.

Rear-end crashes

These collisions typically result in severe injuries to the head, chest, spine and neck. Even low-velocity accidents can lead to whiplash and other painful or debilitating conditions.

Head-on collisions

In head-on crashes, most people suffer injuries to their lower extremities and the chest. Often, this happens because the force of the crash causes victims to collide with parts of the vehicle including the instrument panel, the steering wheel and the windows.

Side impact accidents

Occupants of a vehicle struck on its side may suffer serious injuries in the abdomen, the chest, the head and the lower extremities. Even occupants on the side of the car that was not struck may suffer injuries, usually to the chest and the head.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, it is important to take a proactive approach to seek compensation. In many cases, an experienced injury attorney is your best resource in getting you the financial recovery you need to move forward.

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