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Tips for getting your child to and from school safely

Transporting children to and from school can challenging. Whether you will be driving your child to and from school or they will be commuting on their own, it's important to establish the importance of safety in this routine.

Here are a few safety tips for whichever transportation arrangement you choose:

While walking home

Make sure your kids understand that they should be walking on available sidewalks or paths. If there is not a sidewalk, it’s best to stay on the side of the road that is facing oncoming traffic.

Also teach your child to follow other safety precautions for pedestrians, such as using crosswalks, adhering to traffic signals and looking both ways before crossing a street.

While biking

If your child will be riding their bike to school, teach them to signal for turns, stay far off from cars and wear a helmet.

Illinois state law allows bicyclists to ride on the sidewalk, however local ordinances on this policy may vary from city to city. There is no law in Illinois to enforce riders to wear a helmet. However, studies show that helmets significantly improve a rider’s chances of avoiding severe injuries in a crash.

While taking the bus

If your child will be using the bus in the morning or afternoon, advise him or her to follow rules for getting on and off the bus as well as riding on the bus. For example, on the bus, students should remain seated, face forward and use a seatbelt (if applicable).

While getting on and off the bus, children should always look both ways while crossing the street and never cross until an oncoming car has come to a complete stop.

While driving

If you will be driving your child to school, remember to stop any time a bus flashes its red lights and extends the “STOP” sign. Also, be sure that everyone in your vehicle is buckled up and you are obeying school zone speeding limits.

If your child will be driving to school, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourages parents to set rules for teens:

  • Not to use a cell phone in a car
  • Not to carry other passengers
  • Not to pass the speeding limit
  • Not to go without a seat belt

Other tips

  • Use a cell phone safely— cellphones are great to have for emergencies. However, also be sure to remind your child that using headphones or texting while walking is dangerous.
  • Use alternative locks— investing in a lock for your home that requires a code, rather than a key, can help ensure your child is able to get inside.
  • Pack lightly — advise your child to pack lightly and store unneeded supply at school or at home.

If your child is injured in an accident or by another party, contact a personal injury attorney for help.

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