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How a helmet saved the life of one man's son

An excellent blog post on the Skilled Motorcyclist Association website details how a motorcycle helmet saved the life of one man's son. The father said that his son had recently moved to a new city from their hometown. The father was driving a pickup truck loaded with his son's belongings at approximately 60 mph. The son was following at the same speed on a yellow Yamaha motorcycle when another driver pulled out in front of him.

The son struck the back of the vehicle, causing him to eject from his bike and fly down the highway at a speed of approximately 60 mph. After continuing down the road, the father realized that something had happened when his son wasn't following him anymore. He turned around to investigate and soon came upon an ambulance and fire trucks at the intersection where he had last seen his son.

The father was happily surprised to see that his son was conscious and looking at him as the paramedics were loading him onto the ambulance. Miraculously, the son only suffered abrasions, bruises and minor cuts.

The father credits his son's survival to the fact that he was wearing a full-face, Department of Transportation-approved motorcycle helmet. The back of the helmet was crushed, and the father believes that, if it hadn't been for this vital piece of head protection, he son surely would not have survived.

Illinois motorcyclists should never risk riding a motorcycle with a helmet, but even a helmet and other riding gear will not prevent all types of injuries. If you or a loved one were hurt while riding a motorcycle by a negligent or distracted driver, make sure you investigate and fully understand your legal rights.

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