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September 2018 Archives

Don't rule out third-party claims if your spouse died on the job

Sadly, work-related deaths occur much too often in the U.S., affecting residents of Illinois and other states. Workers' compensation exists to help those injured while working and can provide survivor benefits to family members after a death. In families that relied on the deceased worker for financial support, the benefits provided by worker's comp may not be enough to provide for surviving family members.

The impact of the 'Arrive Alive' tour in drunk driving accidents

Have you heard about the "Arrive Alive" tour? A realistic impaired and distracted driving simulator is making rounds through the nation in this important tour. Just this week, the tour made a stop at Illinois Wesleyan University so that young people in the area can safely experience the effect of alcohol and drugs on one's ability to drive.

What happens to the human body during car accidents?

Car accidents are some of the most unpredictable events a person may experience. Some victims walk away with barely a scratch while others suffer catastrophic injuries or even death. Regardless of the amount of damage to the vehicles in such accidents, it is nearly impossible to predict whether someone will suffer an injury.

How a helmet saved the life of one man's son

An excellent blog post on the Skilled Motorcyclist Association website details how a motorcycle helmet saved the life of one man's son. The father said that his son had recently moved to a new city from their hometown. The father was driving a pickup truck loaded with his son's belongings at approximately 60 mph. The son was following at the same speed on a yellow Yamaha motorcycle when another driver pulled out in front of him.

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