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What maneuvers can I use on my motorcycle to avoid a crash?

Riding a motorcycle in Illinois seems like a rite of passage, especially during the summer when the weather is at its best in the region. There's so much to see and explore on your motorcycle in the area. The next time you go for a ride, make sure you are protected from potential accidents. So, what are some maneuvers you can use on your motorcycle to avoid a crash?

Riding a motorcycle is not as easy as driving a car. You aren't protected from the elements and if you drop the bike you will be face-to-face with the asphalt, which can leave quite the mark. You should never take curves at high rates of speed. You need to slow down entering a curve and accelerate as you come out of the curve. This will help you prevent the bike from skidding out from underneath you.

When sitting stopped at an intersection, you need to create a buffer between you and vehicles approaching you from the rear. A good way to do this is to position your bike between an already-stopped vehicle. Make eye contact with the driver so they know you aren't cutting them off, but instead using their vehicle as protection against a rear-end collision.

If you are driving straight through an intersection, there's always the threat of a vehicle making a sudden turn left in front of you. This can be avoided by slowing down as you approach the intersection so you can react if someone cuts in front of your motorcycle.

As you can see, there are plenty of different maneuvers you can utilize to help avoid a crash on your motorcycle in DuPage County. Make sure you know all of them and practice them so you can ride safely each time you head out on the open road.

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