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The dangers of truck driver fatigue

Truck driver fatigue is a serious problem that plagues the trucking industry. Companies are encouraging their drivers to drive through their breaks in an effort to ensure faster delivery to their customers. This can lead to some very tragic accidents on the roads of DuPage County, Illinois. Here is a brief look at the dangers of truck driver fatigue.

When a truck driver is fatigued, it means he or she has not gotten enough sleep recently. Fatigue is not something that can be fought off, especially when behind the wheel of a vehicle as large and heavy as a truck. Fatigue can lead to the driver falling asleep, dozing off or passing out while driving.

A fatigued truck driver will have a slower reaction time when required to brake or turn the vehicle. It will also cause the driver to have difficulty paying attention to the road in front of them. The driver will also struggle with the ability to make decisions when fatigue sets in while driving.

Driver fatigue is more common among commercial drivers. Commercial drivers include drivers of buses, tow trucks, tractor-trailers and other types of trucks. Truck drivers are also known as shift workers, who are also more likely to drive while fatigued than many other drivers.

Some signs of driver fatigue include swerving, drifting, frequent braking, difficulty accelerating, hitting the rumble strip and more.

Truck driver fatigue on the roads of Illinois is a real and present danger. Too often, truck drivers don't take long enough breaks from driving or skip them altogether, leading to horrific accidents.

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