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Vigilance is vital in avoiding motorcycle accidents

From the heartland of the Mississippi River Valley to the coast of Lake Michigan, Illinois is often best enjoyed from behind handlebars. Thousands of people in the Land of Lincoln use motorcycles to get to work, run errands or simply enjoy the landscape with that perfect feeling of freedom.

Biking comes with its share of hazards beyond driving a car or truck, and motorcycle drivers and riders have to take extra care to avoid damage, serious injury or even death in a collision. Some safety points, such as wearing an approved helmet while on the road, are common sense while other pointers are beyond the basics of braking and swerving.

Studies show that most bikers have less than three seconds to react from the start of an accident sequence to a point of collision. Therefore, bikers have to be ready for action to avoid disaster with a brief maneuver or other reaction. This reduces the usefulness of braking, swerving or laying a bike down to reduce momentum.

A majority of car and truck drivers that are involved in motorcycle accidents reported not seeing a motorcycle until it was too late to avoid a collision. This make visibility a very important part of avoiding accidents. Bright colors on bikes and clothing are recommended to prevent disaster.

Victims of a motorcycle collision or the survivors of a person killed in one have the right to claim financial damages if a party is ruled to be at fault. An attorney can help victims and their families look over their options after a tragic collision and get on the path to being made whole.

Source: Cruiser, "11 Tips for Motorcyclists to Avoid Accidents," Jim Ouellet, accessed Feb. 28, 2018

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