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Aurora woman killed in collision with Pace bus

Illinois roads can be slick during the winter months. While drivers may exercise as much caution as possible, the risk of losing traction is ever-present. Loss of control due to excessive speeds, failure to recognize icy conditions or simply human error can lead to accidents, which can sadly be fatal.

One such incident recently befell an Aurora woman, unfortunately claiming her life. The 41-year-old was driving a Mercury Mountaineer, heading northbound on Route 31 when she lost control of the vehicle. The woman careened into the southbound traffic lane, where she was then struck by a Pace bus, pushing her back into the northbound lane before then colliding with two additional cars.

The woman lost her life at the scene, while the driver of the Pace bus, along with one passenger, were hospitalized with injuries. The other motorists involved walked away without sustaining injuries.

A particularly icy day for roadways

The Kane County Sherriff's Office put out a press release stating that icy road conditions appeared to play a role in the accident. Chicago area roadways experienced widespread slickness, and the Route 31 collision was not the only incident that day-in fact, it was far from it.

All told, more than 100 crashes took place around Chicago and northwest Indiana that Wednesday. A winter weather advisory had been in effect for the region, as a freezing drizzle quickly sheathed roadways in a thin sheet of ice, creating hazardous driving conditions. Altogether, authorities reported three fatalities that day.

Inclement weather causes accidents- it's simply a fact of life. Adjusting your driving habits to the conditions is prudent behavior, but you can't always account for other drivers. Those who find themselves as victims of a motor vehicle accident due to weather may wish to consult with an attorney, as another party may be liable for damages.

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