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Cutting corners to save time can cause deadly accidents

Workers need to be given realistic schedules so that they can accomplish their tasks safely. While this is true in every industry, consider this example from the gas industry:

A worker had been called to a job to switch out an indoor meter. It was in a small room with a lock.

Technically, while doing the job, the worker was supposed to set things up so that any extra gas would vent outside of the building. However, the schedule was tight. The worker skipped that step so that he could get things done faster.

As he worked, gas started to fill the room. The worker attempted to leave, but the door had been closed and locked. There was also a water heater in the room. Suddenly, the heater ignited the gas that was now saturating the air, and it exploded.

This accident could have been prevented at many points. The worker could have checked the lock. He could have propped the door open. He could have vented the gas properly outside of the building.

However, the pressure of working quickly made him skip these easy steps and meant that he was trapped when the gas ignited.

Working quickly is important, but this shows why it's crucial for companies to focus on safety. They can't tell workers to skip safety steps just for the sake for getting done faster. They can't give workers schedules that they can never meet while following safety regulations.

When an employer creates an unsafe work environment and a loved one is killed, be sure you know if you have a right to financial compensation.

Source: EHS Today, "Accidents Waiting to Happen: The Five Crucial Conversations that Drive Workplace Safety," Joseph Grenny and David Maxfield, accessed July 06, 2017

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