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Even at the legal limit, the odds of a crash triple

Everyone knows that drunk driving can lead to accidents. However, you also know that the Blood Alcohol Concentration limit for most drivers is 0.08. Do you assume that that line marks a "safe" amount of alcohol? After all, if your BAC is under that level, you can legally drive.

Studies show that no amount of alcohol is safe. Compared to being stone sober, if you are at 0.08, the odds that you'll be in a car accident are three times higher. They've tripled, and you're still right by that line.

The trend holds true even under 0.08. Want to know when the odds that you'll be in a car accident go up by 100 percent, doubling them when compared to driving sober? That happens at just 0.05. You're well under the limit, just over halfway there, and you're twice as likely to crash.

Some have said that this means the limit itself is completely arbitrary. Of course, people wouldn't feel good about seeing the accident odds triple, but does the line suggest that society doesn't think it's bad for the odds to double? Are people really fine with that level of risk?

It is worth noting that there are situations in which drivers who are under 0.08 can be deemed impaired and given DUIs, even though they didn't break the limit. However, this still means there are plenty of drivers who are under the limit, who probably think it's safe, and who still pose a serious risk.

If you're hit by a drunk driver and you're injured, you may be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills and more.

Source: Washington Post, "How just a couple of drinks make your odds of a car crash skyrocket," Christopher Ingraham, accessed June 23, 2017

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