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Is any type of alcohol safer to drink before driving?

Some people would never get behind the wheel after taking a few shots, but they wouldn't think twice after drinking beer or wine with dinner. They may think that these types of alcohol, with their lower percentages, are safer.

However, experts warn that all types of alcohol have the same overall impact on the body. All that matters is how many drinks you have and how much alcohol you consume, not what type you drink.

The fluid amount, of course, is not always the same in one standard drink, because of the differences in percentages. One drink is defined as:

-- One 12-ounce beer. It is assumed that beer is five percent alcohol, so this has to be adjusted if the percentage is higher. For instance, some craft beers are 10 percent, so drinking one counts as two drinks.

-- 1.5 ounces of hard alcohol or distilled spirits. This is where you'll find shots of bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and things of this nature. The percentage is typically right around 40, though this also can vary. If the alcohol content is higher, one 1.5-ounce shot may be more than one drink.

-- One five-ounce glass of wine. This is less than half a can of beer, but wine tends to contain 12 percent alcohol. As with the above, this does vary. Wine can also be problematic because there are many drinks in a bottle -- unlike a standard beer bottle -- and so it's easy to pour more than five ounces and still think it's just one drink.

Drinking and driving is always dangerous, no matter what types of drinks have been consumed, if it puts a driver over the BAC limit of 0.08. If you're hit by a drunk driver and seriously injured, you must know what rights you have.

Source: 12 Keys Rehab, "Is Beer Safer Than Liquor?," accessed April 07, 2017

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