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2 big reasons that teens drive drunk

Teens often don't seem to realize the danger of driving drunk. They know that it's illegal, just as they know that their own drinking is also illegal. And yet they still get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. Many times, this ends in accidents, injuries and fatalities.

So why do they do it? There are many reasons, such as inexperience and a general lack of awareness about the real danger, but two big ones that experts note are a feeling of invincibility and peer pressure.

Peer Pressure

Teens are highly likely to be influenced by their peers. If they're drinking with friends, it may not take much for those friends to convince a teen to get behind the wheel. This could be especially true if the entire group needs a ride. The teen may not want to feel like he or she is letting everyone down, and teens are often pushed by a desire to fit in. This could make a young driver do something dangerous, even if that driver knows the entire time that it's not a good idea and would realistically rather not do it.


Many teens also feel young and invincible. They hear about the dangers and the statistics, but it's hard for them to take it all seriously. They think it will happen to someone else, not them. They may also be drawn to risky behaviors in other areas of their lives, so they'll take more unneeded risks that adults, with a better grasp of the realities and consequences, may avoid.

When a drunk teenage driver causes an accident that injures others, those people pay the price for the teen's decisions. It's important for them to know if they can then seek financial compensation.

Source: The Alcoholism Guide, "Teens And Drunk Driving," Deborah Morrow, accessed April 21, 2017

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