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Could a bag of chips save someone's life this Sunday?

Genius marketing or downright creepy? Either way, Tostitos is launching a new, special edition bag designed to detect blood alcohol levels just in time for this Sunday's Super Bowl celebrations.

The black bags contain sensors able to detect whether there is alcohol on people's breath. However, it cannot interpret how much alcohol has been imbibed -- just that the person has been drinking. A red steering wheel image appears next to a reminder not to drink and drive. Also, the bags provide codes for $10 off Uber rides for the day of the championship game.

The bags have the technology to automatically summon revelers rides. All that is needed is to tap the bag with your smartphone. In a few minutes, your Uber ride will arrive.

This is just a limited run for these high-tech bags not sold at retail outlets. However, the coupons for Uber are available on regular chip bags.

This is a three-way partnership between the snack giant Frito-Lay, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Uber. It was coordinated by an ad agency in San Francisco. The goal of the snack giant is to get 25,000 vehicles off of the road on game day.

Lending his support to this anti-drunk driving campaign is Delanie Walker, the tight end for the Tennessee Titans. His uncle and aunt were fatally injured by a drunken driver after the 2013 Super Bowl in which they watched their nephew play.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that in keeping with the trend of higher than average drunk driving fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday, 45 men, women and children died in 2015 in collisions involving alcohol impairment.

Nobody wants to have to plan the funeral of a loved one due to a drunken driving crash. If you face such a tragedy, an attorney can evaluate the circumstances and advise you about filing wrongful death litigation.

Source: Mashable, "This bag of chips can sense if you've been drinking and call you an Uber," Patrick Kulp, Jan. 25, 2017

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