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Seek civil justice after a drunk driver hits you

Everyone is likely to admit that drunk driving is wrong, yet an astonishing 70 million people in America have driven while drunk on at least one occasion.

In fact, one study done back in 2008 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 20 percent of those of legal driving age and older admitted to driving a vehicle within two hours of drinking alcohol at some point during the year prior to being surveyed. By some estimates, 8 percent of all drivers in the United States have driven drunk over a year's time.

Another 8 percent of those same drivers admitted they had rode as a passenger with a driver who appeared impaired. The problem was greatest for males age 21-24, with 24 percent responding affirmatively.

Perhaps not surprising, given those statistics, the following are true:

-- Somebody dies in a drunk driving accident every 53 minutes in America.

-- One out of every third person will get into an alcohol-related collision during their lives.

-- In a single year, 211 children died in accidents involving drunk drivers.

-- On average, intoxicated drivers will drive drunk 80 times getting arrested.

-- Approximately 300,000 drunk driving incidents go unreported every day.

-- Annually, the costs of impaired driving costs Americans $132 billion.

-- Each taxpayer absorbs the cost of about $500 for drunken driving in the United States.

Statistics don't mean that much until they affect you or someone you love directly. Then they are so much more than a bunch of numbers crunched by policy workers.

If a drunken driver caused the accident that injured you or killed a beloved family member, you have the right to pursue civil justice through the court system.

Source:, "The Dangers of Drunk Driving," accessed Jan. 26, 2017

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