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A 1-vehicle wreck is — usually — the fault of the driver

When two or more cars collide in an accident, there is always a chance that more than one party has some liability in the accident. But when it is a single-car accident, the liability seems pretty clear.

Or does it? While not very common, there are certain circumstances where a one-car accident can be due to the negligence or fault of someone other than the driver. Let's examine some of those circumstances.

If your loved one was driving down the road and got killed trying to avoid a herd of cattle that had gotten loose from a farmer's pasture, you could potentially claim that the farmer was negligent for not securing his or her stock and creating a dangerous hazard on the road.

Likewise, as your loved one traveled down that same country road, the deep ruts caused him or her to blow out a tire, lose control and go over an embankment. If the state or county in charge of maintaining the roads failed to do so, they may be able to be held accountable for the death.

Another situation that was featured prominently in the news over the past couple of years was design and manufacturing defects on cars. Automakers paid out millions of dollars in settlements to the survivors of those who died in horrific accidents, in addition to repairing the defective parts on those autos that didn't get wrecked.

If you lost a family member in a single-vehicle crash that you believe was caused or contributed to by another person's or entity's negligence, it's worth taking a second look into the circumstances. Getting a professional legal opinion will inform you of any rights you may have in the matter and could potentially lead to financial recovery.

Source: Findlaw, "Single Car Accident: Am I Always at Fault?," accessed Nov. 18, 2016

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