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2 agencies offer Illinois residents Halloween safety tips

The Illinois State Police and the American Red Cross are teaming up to encourage residents to celebrate Halloween safely this weekend.

One potential danger is wearing a bulky, vision-obscuring costume while driving. One ISP sergeant stated, "We want motorists to refrain from wearing bulky costumes, anything that would disguise their face, that would get in the way of operating a motor vehicle."

An executive with the Illinois chapter of the American Red Cross said that her organization "wants Halloween to be a fun night for everyone," and offers the following tips:

-- Trick-or-treaters should dress only in flame-resistant costumes.

-- They should travel on planned routes where adults are aware they will be trick-or-treating.

-- Parents are encouraged to paint kids' faces rather than allow them to wear masks, which can pose vision hazards.

-- Young children should always be accompanied by their parents or another adult.

-- Reflective tape on children's costumes makes them more visible to motorists, as do glow sticks and flashlights.

-- Unfamiliar animals are likely to be startled around groups of costumed strangers. Urge children to refrain from petting them.

-- Teach kids to only knock on doors where the porch light is on and never to enter the person's house.

Inevitably, some adult partying that may involve alcohol consumption will be taking place simultaneously with trick-or-treating. Kids should stay off of the streets and walk on the sidewalks as much as is possible to avoid getting struck by a car driven by an impaired driver.

If your child is injured while trick-or-treating this Halloween, you may have to take legal action in order to see that they are fairly compensated for the injuries they suffer.

Source: WJBC, "Police, Red Cross issue Halloween safety reminders," Oct. 27, 2016

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