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Families of workplace violence victims may have legal recourse

As workplace shootings have sadly become so commonplace, the courts are now becoming the final arbitrators in these matters.

However, for families whose loved ones are killed in acts of workplace violence, filing suit for wrongful death can bring both justice and financial compensation.However, a great percentage of the killers wind up either dead by their own hand or shot by law enforcement. When that happens, there may be other defendants who can be held culpable for a person's death or injuries.

It is often possible to sue the estate of the shooter. However, when that is negligible or non-existent, plaintiffs may have to look farther afield. If the shooter obtained the firepower from someone who failed to properly secure their dangerous weapons from minors or those whom they knew had psychological problems, these individuals may wind up as defendants.

The workplace itself may have some liability if they failed to secure their premises or did not have an Emergency Action Plan in place to instruct employees how best to deal with active shooter scenarios. Another way that an employer could face negligence or liability allegations is if they had knowledge, or should have known, that a disgruntled former employee was capable of such acts yet failed to take any preventive measures to protect other employees.

One personal injury attorney who has been watching such trends stated that there is no guarantee that a claim will be successful. However, it will each be tried on the merits.

No family wants to contemplate ever having to file such a claim over a loved one's senseless and tragic death. However, especially in cases where the deceased was the breadwinner, doing so may provide at least some financial compensation for such a horrific loss.

Source: Before It's News, "Families Of Victims In Mass Shootings Can Sue For Damages," accessed Dec. 04, 2015

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