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What kind of hazards can lead to motorcycle accidents?

Unfortunately, many hazards await those who operate motorcycles on Illinois roadways. Riding a motorcycle can be an awesome and exhilarating experience, but it is a good idea for those who ride bikes to become familiar with the hazards they may face. Doing so can help them avoid a dangerous motorcycle accident while also keeping other motorists out of danger as well.

One of the most common hazards is when another vehicle attempts to make a left turn in front of the motorcycle. Sadly, many motor vehicle operators simply do not spot motorcycles when making this simple maneuver. You can protect yourself by carefully watching other drivers and anticipating the actions they may make.

Another hazard especially dangerous to cyclists happens if another vehicle suddenly changes lanes in front of the motorcycle. The cause of this is also that other motorists do not always see a motorcycle. Prevention techniques include remaining aware of the behavior of other drivers and avoiding a car or a truck's blind spot.

In busy areas such as the traffic-infested streets in Illinois cities, an abruptly-opened car or truck door is yet another hazard. Motorcyclists are encouraged to stay away from parking lanes in order to prevent this type of accident from occurring.

The final hazard this post will address is being hit from behind by a motor vehicle. While it is very difficult to avoid this type of motorcycle accident altogether, riders will likely be safer if they stop their bikes in the far side of the lane instead of in its middle section.

Even when motorcycle riders practice safe driving at all times, accidents will still occur. Contact an Illinois based attorney to discover what legal options for compensation are available to motorcycle operators.

Source: Ride Apart, "10 Common Motorcycle Accidents And How To Avoid Them," Wes Siler, accessed Oct. 20, 2015

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