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September 2015 Archives

Family benefits following a state employee’s job-related death

Death benefits are available for families of Illinois state workers whether or not a death is job related. Attorneys can help families locate compensation sources and file claims for workers' compensation or survivor benefits. Lawyers also assess claims to identify at-fault parties, who may be held accountable for damages.

Driver who injured 11 at parade claims brakes failed

A driver told police she lost control of her minivan when the brakes failed causing chaos at the start of an Illinois Labor Day parade. The parade had just begun two blocks from the Westville square where crowds of people lined the streets to see the event. The van whipped back and forth along a full bock of Illinois 1 injuring several people.

Comparing motor vehicle accident claims and costs

Statistics show declining rates of personal damage from traffic accidents on U.S. roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a 2.1 percent decrease in motor vehicle accident injuries and a 3.1 percent reduction in deaths between 2012 and 2013. The financial correlation between a downtrend in crashes and accident-related costs isn't what Illinois residents may expect.

Driver with DUI history charged with leaving fatal crash scene

Reports from Illinois police investigators conflict with statements made by a woman driver accused of leaving the scene of a recent, fatal Lake County crash. A 50-year-old Antioch man died when his motorcycle was struck by the defendant's car on Route 173. So far, charges include failure to aid the injured victim and report the accident.

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